Environmental Impact

For cofferdam products, the Portadam system has minimal impact on the environment since it(s):

As opposed to a sheet piling cofferdam, which creates significant turbidity during the installation process as it must penetrate the subsurface, the bottom metal sections often breaks and are left behind and it creates permanent faults in the river or streambed. Furthermore, sheet piling requires the use heavy equipment and hydraulic fluids during the installation process. Any rupture of the hydraulic fluid lines would introduce the fluids directly into the waterway.

Earthen dams, sandbag dams and home-made contractor methods create significant turbidity into the waterway, introduce foreign materials and chemicals into the waterway and are not easily removed upon project completion. While an inexpensive alternative to sheet piling or a Portadam system, these methods have a significant total cost to the environment.

For use as an Above Ground Impoundment in fracking applications, the Portadam system has gained wide acceptance in the Marcellus Shale region as it:

Using an example of a 7.1 million gallon impoundment:

An In-ground Impoundment requires:

Frac Tanks:

Portadam system: